Lee Pownall

Goldsmith, Jeweller

Lee Pownall has been a jewellery teacher at the Brisbane Southbank Institute of Technology from 2004 until the end of 2014, delivering the trade course to the Qld jewellery apprentices. Retiring from teaching now allows Lee to concentrate on private commission work from her home studio.  Lee’s own jewellery education began at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where she earnt a Certificate of Art- Gold and Silversmithing.After achieving her tertiary qualifications, Lee spent several years in Melbourne working under the tutelage of Finnish master jeweller, Tor Schwanck.
In 1975 Lee began her own business in Brighton Melbourne, until she married a Queenslander and relocated her business to Surfers Paradise. Lee ran the workshop in the family business, Lee Jeweller & Goldsmith, while her husband Ralph took charge of the retail shop.Lee’s outstanding work was formally recognised in 1982 when she won an Award of Merit at the 1982 Australian Jewellery Design Awards. By the mid 90’s Lee downsized her business to a studio workshop where her focus centred on private commission work.
Lee’s career came full circle when she accepted a teaching opportunity in 2004. “The teaching position came out of the blue and I saw it as an opportunity to give something back to the industry that had provided me with such a rewarding and interesting career,” she said.
“I am passionate about the future of our trade and teaching is a fantastic way to impart that passion and energy onto those who will take the jewellery industry forward in years to come”.”Teaching the jewellery apprentices has been such a wonderful learning experience for me as well, designing and making jewellery just gets in your blood”.Lee remains a key player in the ‘real world’ jewellery trade through her home workshop and a loyal client base.


Jewellers Association of Australia
Associate Member

Teaching jewellery with the Southbank Institute of technology

Fellow of the Gold & Silversmiths
Guild of Australia